Time for Self-Care

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

By: Torisandra

Who do you love the most?

What was your first answer?

My children, my husband, my dog and the list goes on.

We always forget the most important person. Who should that be?

How soon we forget that the first person on our list of love 💕 should always and forever start with ourselves. What steps do you take towards self care?

Spa is everything!

Manis and Pedis for the win...

A quiet 🤫 night of silence and a glass of wine...

Take a long walk...

All amazing ways to take care of ourselves.

Now here’s the real question. So we are at the spa, or we are getting our manis and pedis, what is our mind doing? Ahh can we answer honestly? Are we on our phones working? Are we making the list of what to do the next day? Are we making our kids agenda for the week? I can see heads shaking, yes! But I’m still taking care of me! Are you really?

Physical care is easier I believe than mental care. When we are asked about self we go right to the physical and tend to forget the mental aspect. While we are getting that mani, why not unplug. Feel the sensations of this personal time for yourself. Take a moment to breathe and release the busy thoughts and responsibilities.

Self-care is as simple as waking in the morning. Putting a big smile on your face with that hair sticking straight up, tired bags under the eyes, that last bit of sleepy crust hanging from the corner of your eye, and looking true and honest at your real self with love and appreciation. Better yet just looking at yourself and saying how truly blessed and wonderful you are.

Affirmations are just that. Words that affirm what we teach ourselves to believe.

”You are beautiful, caring and you are going to rock this day.”

That’s self-care.

So the next time someone says take some times for yourself, you don’t have to book an extravagant moment. Or shove those kids out the door. Maybe just take a long inhale and exhale with new eyes. Instead of thinking about what isn’t bring forth what is. Instead of wishing for more be grateful for what is. Self-care is opening our eyes to what we forget and at times take for granted.

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