Hand Yoga with JoJo

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Stretch out those computer hands with some hand yoga!

Hand Yoga Stretch with JoJo

Take some time to stretch out those achy hands from typing all day. Slide your shoulders down and relax into an open-handed stretch. Repeat daily, forever!

Stretch out those hands with nice, soft shoulders.

Counter the keyboard-hunch with this delicious chest opener.

Turn things upside down for a Prasarita Padottanasana - aka - Wide Legged Forward Fold!

Invite the tops of your hands to the inside of your leg for a nice counter-stretch!

Take a mudra for some mindfulness and simply breathe.

Close your eyes and trust the unfolding of life!

Ground yourself to Mother Earth and know she's got your back.

Photo Credit: Michelle Rae Sobi #Project2021 #MichelleRaeSobi #EdgeYogaSchool #YTT #Yoga

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