Day Retreat: Holistic Holidays

Wash Your Spirit Clean Day Retreat

Take a holistic break to boost your energy and wellness. Bring the mind, body and spirit back into harmony.

The mind, body and spirit are so deeply intertwined that if any one of these is not in balance, your overall wellness will suffer. Therefore it is essential that each dimension is at its optimal state for the holistic components to work together in harmony.


  • 10-11am Crystal Bowl Sound healing Meditation

  • 11-12pm Emotional & Energy Balancing Exercises

  • 12-12:15 Break & Snack

  • 12:15-2pm Restorative Yoga & Meditation

  • 2-2:30 Light Lunch

  • 2:30-4 Mandala Art Meditations with Colored Pencils

Join us for a holistic holiday retreat to re-balance and slow down during this intense and crazy holiday season.

With a variety of holistic activities you will regain balance, harmony and overall wellness and will enjoy your holiday season on a deeper and more relaxed level.


The holistic approach of gentle movements with a sounds of crystal bowls will leave you feeling more balanced and energetic.


Through the calming wellness activities such as meditation, journaling and art the holistic approach will assist you in tackling negative emotions, stress, and anxiety. This will guide you towards a calmer outlook and emotional balance and will help you to reach a more positive attitude as well as enhanced feelings of well-being and calmness.


With the help of holistic activities, you will be able to re-connect with yourself and rediscover your beliefs and values in life, reflect on your life and better understand your needs for your well-being and more balanced lifestyle.

At this one-day Holistic Holiday Retreat we will be providing not only a relaxing day but the tools you need to lead a more balanced lifestyle long-term.

Light & healthy lunch provided.

Can’t wait to see you!

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