Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Many ask about the breakdown of our program. Here are some basic details to help you decide if Edge is right for you!

There are three parts to ensure a comprehensive learning experience: Lecture (100 hours) Lab (50 hours) Practicum (30 hours) Homework (20 hours)

For your lecture hours, you may visit our online portal, which is much like our library at MichelleRaeSobi.com. There are 100 hours of the 200 hours needed to complete the program. You can access this information 24/7 and listen to them at your own pace to fill out your workbook.

For your Lab hours, you will have a chance to work on the information acquired in the lectures above, and workshop these ideas on a live Zoom with your teacher and fellow students. We offer live Zoom six days a week so you can drop in on any session you like. During these times of Lab, we teach you how to apply these yogic teachings to daily life.

For your Practicum hours, different assignments will be sprinkled throughout the course on training days, but we will really focus on what you would like to do with this training when you reach the halfway mark at 100 training hours. This is what you'll come to know as your "graduation plan" and you will have it directly with me. It is during this time that we live Zoom together and decide what brought you to training, what you have yet to get from it, and what you would like to do from that point on. Most students know this information by their 100-hour training mark, but I'll work with you to ensure you do.

Many come to this training to lead yoga classes, meditations, and the like....but others come for different reasons.

Our next session starts on Saturday, as we break for the holiday week, so it is a perfect time to begin your journey. You have a full week to familiarize yourself with our online library (MichelleRaeSobi.com) and to order your required two books (under $50 on Amazon) or your local book store.

Send us your questions via chat or to enroll now!


Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

Owner, Edge Yoga School

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